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Hi! I’m Megan, owner & operator of Smoky Mountain Soul Adventures. I have the great fortune of being a native of North Carolina, and in my 42 years, I have lived from the coast to the mountains and everywhere in between these state lines!


In 2019, when I moved to The Blue Ridge Mountains of NC with my family, this area quickly claimed ownership of my heart, and I have never looked back. I now dedicate my time exploring the best swimming holes, waterfalls, and mountain views this area has to offer, and sharing it with my clients.


I’m not here to convince you how magnificent this area is: the wildlife, landscapes, people, and culture can do the talking for me! What I am here for is to help you get the exact hiking experience you are seeking while visiting these historic mountains.


On my guided hiking tours near Asheville, I can show you the best spots for fall foliage, the tallest waterfalls in NC, and some secret swimming holes. All you have to do is show up!


Whether you’re visiting The Blue Ridge Mountains of NC for a solo retreat, friends’ weekend, or family vacation, I can customize a private hiking tour near Asheville to meet your needs!

How We Started

Truth be told, I haven’t always known I wanted to start a hiking company in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This dream happened to materialize later in life after tragedy struck my family. When my husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2019, we chose to relocate our family from the coast of NC to the mountains.


When he passed away a year later, I was awakened to the fact that a prolonged life is not guaranteed. I had heard it before, but now I was listening. So, I became determined to live the rest of my days intentionally and with meaning. To me, that meant turning my passion for hiking in The Blue Ridge Mountains into a profession. 


I now get to share my discoveries in Western North Carolina with you! Join me for a tour, where I’ll show you the best of the Blue Ridge!

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Megan is extremely knowledgeable and really catered to our needs of a "kid friendly hike." Great experience for the whole family. Highly recommend!!!
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